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Interview Coaching


Congratulations, you've secured that all important interview. What happens next? Do you always seem to be the runner up in the interview stakes? Have you been interviewed for positions you know you can do but only had rejection letters? Is this your first competency based interview or your first Assessment Centre?

Whatever situation you are in, you need to have the competitive edge. The key to a successful interview is preparation, practice and performance.

There are no second chances when it comes to interviews, however, interviews are not a mystery. If you know what questions to expect, have good answers prepared, and deliver them in the right way you will be successful.

Interviewers predominantly select the candidate who projects themselves as being the best person for the job. This does not necessarily mean that the best qualified or the most appropriate applicant will be offered the position. You need to appear to be the best candidate.

Effective communication (both verbal and non-verbal) is a factor. The manner in which you communicate will affect the perception others have of you. Interviewers will make judgements based on how and what you communicate to them.

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